Sinai Climate Partnership

The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development (ICSD), together with our partners the Elijah Interfaith Institute and The Peace Department, is launching the Sinai Climate Partnership at the United Nations climate conference COP 27 in Sinai.

The purpose of the Partnership is to 

  1. Bring religious leadership to UN public policy discussions on climate change
  2. Resonate a clarion spiritual call for climate action throughout faith-based communities around the world
  3. Provide thought leadership for faith-based communities ready to mobilize on climate change.

The Launch During COP 27

As we launch the Sinai Climate Partnership during COP 27 in November, 2022, the initiative will unveil Ten Universal Principles for Climate Justice, which will shape how religious congregations address climate change and foster a new vision for humanity and its endangered existence.

In many cities in the world, including London, Jerusalem, and Rishikesh, India, we will lead a historic ceremony of repentance, intention-setting, and call to action for protecting of our shared home, Earth.

The ceremony will be followed by several press conferences at COP 27 in Sharm El Sheikh, to amplify the voice of religious leaders to curb climate change.

Intended Impact 

Our partnership will mobilize tangible actions in the faith community. Our engagement with local actors can catalyze projects that tap into each community’s need for sustainable development.

Our Goals

Our goals for the Sinai Climate Partnership include:

  • Inspire and unleash the power of an interfaith movement as a change agent for climate action at political and social levels
  • Promote a coalition of religious leaders to work together for climate action
  • Encourage religious leaders and communities to expand education and actions around climate change
  • Mobilize local religious actors and civil society to partake in tangible activities that tackle their community’s needs
  • Partner with civil society sectors, such as faith NGOs and movements that align with our goals, to amplify the message shared at COP
  • Expand already-existing interfaith climate efforts through local partnerships

Membership for Houses of Worship

We invite houses of worship to become official members of the Sinai Climate Partnership. There are numerous benefits to joining.

Partnership Levels

Isaiah Partner
Elijah Partner
Aaron Partner
Moses Partner
Presentations for your congregation from experts on faith-based environmentalism
Tailored resources for talking about Ten Climate Principles
Free copies of the Eco Bible 1 copy 5 copies 10 copies 20 copies
Free Bible Eco Infographic posters that can be displayed in your house of worship and home 1 copy 5 copies 10 copies 20 copies
Access to faith-based climate action resources like the new Eco Preacher
Exclusive access to live global events where leaders collaborate on climate action and engage with the the audience  
Listed below a principle on the official poster of the Ten Climate Principles    
Listed as an official founding partner on press releases, our website, and all resource materials      

Faith and Environmental Sustainability

Uniting faith and environmental sustainability is one of the best ways to overcome climate change. About 85% of people identify with a religion, but doctrinal beliefs are often a source of strife between religions.
Addressing climate change is a chance to draw upon each religion’s rich environmental traditions and to
create peace between peoples as we fight for a common cause, the future of our planet.

About The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development  (ICSD)

ICSD reveals the connection between religion and ecology and mobilizes faith communities to act. To learn more, go to To find out more and join the Sinai Climate Partnership, please contact Michael Gribov, ICSD Deputy Director, at

United Nations Climate Change Conference

The Conference of the Parties (COP 27) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is the world’s largest gathering on climate action. Heads of state, ministers and negotiators, civil society representatives and CEOs meet annually to set the policy agenda to deal with climate change, for people and the planet. This year’s conference in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt has 44,000 registered participants.